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Got a ticket? Been ordered by a judge/court to complete a Traffic Violator School course? Our Internet-based traffic school program is your answer! Completing this course will even get you a discount on your insurance premiums, if your insurer allows this benefit.

5 Dollar Comedy School's Online Traffic Violator School Course is simple, fast, and fun! It combines easy-to-read text and informative charts with colorful illustrations and driving related humor. You can sign out and log-in at your convenience, and the program is accessible 24 7 from any Web-enabled device. Best of all, it's a snap to complete (even if you're new to the Internet). So, grab a soda and some snacks—you're sure to enjoy this course!

Choose a Value Package

Basic Package
  • Traffic Violator School Course
  • 3-Day Standard DMV Completion Reporting
    Your completion will be reported to the DMV within three (3) business days.
  • 2 Course Completion Attempts
Deluxe Value Package
Save 25%!
  • Traffic Violator School Course
  • Same-Day DMV Completion Reporting
  • Free Unlimited Course Completion Attempts
    Take the course until you pass for no additional fee.
  • "Proof of Submission" to the DMV
    E-mailed confirmation of the successful reporting of your course completion to the DMV.
Premiere Value Package
Save 65%!
  • Traffic Violator School Course
  • Immediate DMV Completion Reporting
  • Free Unlimited Course Completion Attempts
  • "Proof of Submission" to the DMV
  • Free DMV Registration Correction and Re-Submission
  • Course Completion "Tracker"
    We track and e-mail verification of your course completion and acknowledgement with the court.
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